How to have the mind of a strategist

A strategist is essentially a generalist.

A strategist must be able to see and comprehend the entire landscape. A strategist must see through the “noise” of detail.

A strategist is not an economist but must understand how the economy works and have a grasp of economic concepts. A strategist is not a financier but must understand the mechanics of the financial markets at a high level. She is not an accountant but must understand numbers and what they mean. The strategist must have an understanding and appreciation of marketing, project management, politics, organizational behaviour and human resource management.

Some might refer to the strategist as a jack of all trades and a master of none. There may be some truth in that. However the strategist has to be a master at one very important thing. He must be able to see the forest for the trees. As a matter of fact a strategist has to be able to screen out the trees and focus on the forest. If the strategist is not a master of that one vital skill then she will be a weak strategist.

A strategist must be able to see how it all looks “together” in an integrated whole.



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