The Project Managers’ Code of Ethics in plain words

The Ten Commandments:

  1. Only do what benefits everyone around you
  2. Only do what you know how to do and don’t make promises you can’t keep
  3. Keep secrets secret
  4. Make sure you understand the code, follow it and that other pm’s follow it too
  5. If a comrade has violated the code, make sure there is proof and protect the whistleblowers
  6. Don’t be a bully, be fair, respect others, property and the environment even if others don’t do the same
  7. Don’t engage in conspiracies or take sides
  8. Don’t just think what’s in it for you at everyone else’s expense
  9. Don’t be hating – treat everyone the same whatever their background, race, gender, age, disability, looks, height, favourite sports team, car they drive… you get the idea
  10. Don’t lie



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