Why you need a Book of Knowledge

The Project Management Institute publishes a PMBok and has recently released the fifth version of it. So do we really need a Book of Knowledge?

Like all core beliefs, project managers need official scriptures to refer to. It becomes the source of immense wisdom, pontification, the basis for various interpretations, some liberal, some fundamentalist, decisions, edicts, fatwas….

Ok maybe I am taking the analogy too far. First, it is the Body of Knowledge, not the Book of Knowledge, although many people make that mistake. However the analogy is not altogether outrageous.

Very much like scriptures, the PMBok is there to describe Good Practices. This is basically how all project managers should go about their business based on commonly accepted principles and beliefs. These are more guidelines than laws although fundamentalists would probably disagree with this assertion.

The PMBok provides a common vocabulary for all project managers so that when anyone talks about the WBS everyone else knows they are talking about the work breakdown structure and what that actually means.

Also like scriptures, the PMBok has a code: a code of ethics. The code of ethics, like the Ten Commandments, is so important it is published separately from the PMBok and every priest, I mean project manager, has to swear to follow it.

The PMBok is a long, dry and very large tome. Hey wait. Isn’t that just like that other book….



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