The path to wealth

You cannot make a large amount of money working alone. Although there are many good examples of individuals making good money in professions like acting, singing, sports, even writers, the reality is that the majority of individuals in those professions actually make very little money. Only the precious few make it big. Also even in those professions, the people behind the scenes, the managers of the businesses likely make a lot more. To them the actor, singer or writer is just another product, or another worker in their business. Managers and business people have more staying power than entertainers. An entertainer may lose their shine, their appeal. Business people will just replace them. They themselves will stay.

And small business people like doctors, dentists, plumbers, carpenters etc, well, they make good money but not great money.

The secret is in managing other people. Only when you have a lot of people working for you can you make a lot of money. It does not matter whether it is within a public company with you as an executive or in your own company. The reality is that there is quite a big correlation between the number of people you manage and how much money you make.

The secret, the path, is to be an employer not an employee.

So focus on being a good people manager and a good leader. And that will translate into success, power and wealth.

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