Looking for you next job? Think about this….

When you’re thinking of your next career move don’t just see it as a search for another job or to fill some vacant position. Think of it as a search for a team to join. Here are my thoughts on this.

In many professions but especially in management your success is very much tied to the people whom you will be working with. So just like in sports such as ice hockey or soccer, you can’t do it alone. You will need the other players around you if you want to achieve spectacular success.

In your search for that next move, make sure you do your homework about the people whom you will be working with day in, day out. Sometimes that is not easy to do entirely. But some research is definitely better than none. Many individuals now have their profiles online either on company pages or on social media sites. Look them up. Try to get into contact with them if possible. Drum up some rapport. Ensure that there would be good chemistry between you and them.

It would be ideal of course if you could meet these people ahead of time. Or maybe even be involved in some kind of activity with them so that you can experience firsthand your and their ability to work together. Networking and volunteering events may allow for something like that.

You have to realize that success is very difficult if you try to do it entirely alone. You do not live in a vacuum. We have been conditioned through super hero movies about lone individuals trying to do it alone. However even in those stories, if you look carefully, all of them had a team on their side to help them. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Batman, probably the most lonesome of them all, had Alfred and Gordon (I won’t mention Robin, I never liked that character).

Take care to examine those other players who will be on your team. Understand what you can do for them, but also study what they bring to the table and how the synergy would work for all of you. You need good players around you to make it through the playoffs. You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re surrounded by a bunch of turkeys.

So remember, treat every career move as a transfer to another team. Find out how that team is and how they play and how you can contribute to their game therefore strengthening your own game. Always keep in mind, business is a team sport.



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