The most powerful way to sell anything

This is the secret to the most powerful way to sell anything, a product, service, your ideas, your expertise, anything.

Ok, I may sound here like I am one of those hyped up full-of-fluff-and-no-substance individuals. Not so, I cry out, please hear me out.

This is actually no secret at all, it is already being used out there, except not all the time. As is the tradition of my posts, I believe that most things are actually simple and not at all complicated and there are no great secrets.

The “secret” to selling anything at all is, yes, wait for it: “Try before you buy”.

There it is in a nutshell. How can I get away with revealing such a trivial method and claim it is the best way to sell anything? Please let me invite you to explore the following examples.

If you are selling pizza, is it better to tell people how to good it tastes, or is it better to invite them to try? I think you know the answer.

Costco has turned its try-before-you-buy into an ongoing campaign with new products in its stores and people trying out new juices, cheeses, sauces and others.

What if the product is not food?

Well, car dealerships invite you to test drive their cars, don’t they? Magazine publishers invite you to have a subscription free for a while. Even software vendors give you a free trial license to try out their software. And home builders invite you to wander around their model homes.

The challenge is getting people to try your product. Here you can make offers such as a free trial or at-cost trial or deeply discounted, whatever you can afford. Always make the trial offer with no strings attached. The customer must always know that they are not being sucked into a trap. They will be more inclined to try if there is no obligation.

You can even do this if you are selling your expertise or looking for a job. Offer to do a small project pro bono or at a deeply discounted rate, whatever you can afford.

Needless to say, you have to make the trial a success. If it is sub-quality, the customer will not order more of your product or service. The trial experience has to be outstanding.

I hope it has become more obvious now why I made such a bold declaration that the best way to sell is “try before you buy”. Please let me know what you think.

Happy selling.


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