Who is the worst person to draft a job description?

Dave (not a real name), a client of mine, once contacted me to ask if I knew someone to fill a position for him. He went on to explain that they have been trying for a while but don’t seem to find the right person. I asked Dave to email me the job description. When I received it, and read it, I realized immediately what the problem was. Continue reading

How to spot problems within your ranks

So everything appears to be going on ok. Your team is working away on things. You are trying to be as hands off as possible. Your team members look really tight with each other. You’ve done a good job of creating an atmosphere where they all work harmoniously together. It’s all going like clockwork. Or is it? Continue reading

How to recognize true experience

Here’s a situation. You are looking to hire someone to do some work for you. You receive two resumes. One, let’s call her Maddy, has worked for twenty years in a large corporation with a household name. She could do specific tasks with her hands tied behind her back. The other resume from Natalie, shows that she has five years work experience. However she worked for a small business and was pretty much a one-person army. Whom should you hire? Continue reading