Whom should you care about in any business?

In any business there are only so many stakeholder groups. Here I will show you who those stakeholder groups are and why you must watch out for them if you want to stay in business. Ignoring stakeholders is a fundamental mistake and I will explain why. Continue reading

There are only three things you can teach people

As a manager you will very likely have to play the role of coach often. Other times you will at least have to provide your input into training. It seems at first glance that there are a million things to teach. Let’s have an abstraction of what can be taught. You will see there are really only three things you can teach. Continue reading

How to make your strategy actionable

Strategic planning is a very complex area of study. It is littered with descriptions of grand visions, philosophical musings, debates about long term versus short term, big picture, small picture, trees versus forests and so on. But how do you make a strategy actionable? Let’s explore. Continue reading